January 24, 2017

emtoneprint… Hi Friends!

Emtone Print - Hi Friends!

We thought we’d kick the year off by showing you one of our favourite projects produced at the end of 2016.

To celebrate 10 years of creative collaborations, the guys at Mr B & Friends produced a real statement piece to send to their clients, who are also known as their friends. A fantastic project with a spec that developed along the process, the gloss black and white foiling on the cover gives us both subtlety and impact. With throw-outs and a punchy colour depicting Mr B’s brilliant brand, this book portrays superb design resulting in a very enjoyable piece of creative print.

We’d like to welcome you back and wish you a very Happy 2017. We’re really looking forward to working with you on new projects this year, seeing some fantastic designs and of course, turning it into some very lovely print. You may remember last year our theme was The Year of Creative Print, and we were very lucky to do lots of that thanks to your support in 2016. The theme for this year will be revealed shortly!

Here’s to a great year.

Emtone Print - Hi Friends!