July 15, 2014

Ex Emtone employee graduates with a first class degree

Louis Goddard came to us as an intern some years ago as he wanted to work within the print industry. After spending some time in different departments Louis began to realise that he would like to be part of the creative side to print. This led him to university to do a Graphic Design degree course, which was obviously the right decision as he has just graduated with a top first class honours degree! We are all really pleased for him here at Emtone as he was a very popular member of our team during his time with us.

Sadly we don’t have a design department here otherwise we would have no hesitation in offering him a position. However if any of you need a young designer who is looking to gain experience and has a keen work ethic, we would highly recommend him. Have a look at his work below and please do get in touch with him.