April 10, 2015

STOP PRESS! The new press is in full production at Emtone

We are excited to announce that our new press has now been installed and is in full production. With a number of technicians and local workmen working over the Easter break, we are happily printing away on this incredible state of the art machine.

Producing the same high standards and quality of work, we can now in addition print on a range of different and new materials.

This press uses 50% less energy and is at the forefront of technology. The main but not only difference is that it employs light drying technology to instantly dry the inks and varnish. Because of this we do not have to wait for the sheets to cure before finishing, a huge advantage. It is the only press of its kind in the West of England and only one of seven in the UK.

We look forward to telling you more about our new press, more details to come shortly.