July 28, 2015

Unbelievably Uncoated

Over 50% of our work is printed on uncoated stock, making the decision to move to a H-UV press the obvious choice. You needn’t experience the problems that conventional printers have with printing on uncoated stock anymore. Rub, spray, dry back and dull imagery are a thing of the past and completely eliminated from the new technology here at emtoneprint…

We Love… Uncoated Stock
3200 Spring/Summer 2016 Look Books were produced for Yumi. Detailing vibrant colours and an array of textures, both sit beautifully on one of our favoured uncoated stocks. Similarly, Resort by Fleur of England features this season’s must have beachwear, a much-needed guide for holiday planning this year. Simply saddle stitched and printed on uncoated paper, giving these brands two very different but effective looks.